5 Gourmet Hot Chocolates for Gourmet Girls


Here are a few recipes for when you want to elevate your hot cocoa experience.

 5 Gourmet Hot Chocolate Recipes | Vesper & Vine | Cocktail Hour Essentials

Ultra delicious and over the top, this Peppermint White Hot Chocolate is a delectable treat on cold winter days. Read the full recipe at Cincy Shopper. This drink is creamy and delicious and oh-so-silky good. Slip a little Peppermint Schnapps into this for cozy winter date nights in.

Vesper & Vine Best Hot Chocolate Recipes Peppermint White Hot Chocolate


Blackberry Hot Chocolate from Little Sugar Snaps. This creation mixes the rich flavors of blackberries with the deep flavors of chocolate for a classic dessert taste.

Vesper & Vine Best Hot Chocolate Recipes Blackberry Hot Chocolate

Vegan Queens, this one is for you. This Red Velvet Hot Chocolate has a few secret ingredients that make it a superfood delight. Beets and coconut milk whipped cream come together for a drink you won't be quick to forget. Slide over to The Green Life for the full recipe.


Vesper & Vine Best Hot Chocolate Vegan Beet Hot Chocolate


London Fog Hot Chocolate with Mapled Whipped Cream. Kayley from the Kitchen McCabe has long been a source of inspired wholesome recipes with beautiful photography to back it up. Unlike many hot chocolate recipes we've seen, this London Fog Hot Chocolate with Mapled Whipped Cream is a true original and will be a wintertime favorite for tea lovers. Infused with Earl Gray tea and homemade ingredients, try this recipe on your next cold weather weekend adventure. Anyone else have sweater envy??


Vesper & Vine Gourmet Hot Chocolate Recipes London Fog with Mapled Whipped Cream


This list wouldn't be complete without a boozy concoction slipped in. This Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate recipe is truly the easiest way to get that internal warm glow on cold winter's days. Amanda from A Cookie Named Desire can clue you in on the finer details, just know a delicious mess of caramel, bourbon and chocolate is headed your way.


Vesper & Vine Gourmet Hot Chocolate Recipes Bourbon Spike Hot Chocolate


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