Strawberry Mint Moscow Mules


* 2oz vodka
* small handful of strawberries
* small handful of mint sprigs
* simple syrup
* ginger beer
* limes


1. Muddle a handful of strawberries, mint and simple syrup in the bottom of your copper mug. 
2. Fill to the brim with ice. 
3. Add vodka and the juice of one lime.
4. Top with ginger beer. 
5. Garnish with a lime and serve with a paper straw.

Moscow Mules are a quintessential summer drink, sweet, spicy, and deliciously refreshing. Moscow mules are already refreshing with their zingy ginger beer and fresh lime juice, but the addition of the strawberries and mint takes refreshment to a whole new level! Take any iteration of the Moscow Mule and serve it a copper mug and you have summertime magic!

My husband and I spent an evening mixing up some delicious variations on the Moscow Mule, and this variation is my new go-to summer drink. I've made them the last two times we've sat out on our patio enjoying the cooler evenings.  

I prefer to drink my Strawberry Mint Moscow Mules out of these 18oz Copper Mule Mugs.

This is a fun drink to experiment with and to try different ratios of the ingredients. I love adding extra strawberries to my drink to later fish out with my straw. Who doesn't love a mid-drink snack? Everything can be adjusted to taste, and often times people have different opinions on the ratios of the ingredients here which makes this a fun choice for a DIY drink station at parties. 

Muddle a handful of mint, chopped strawberries and simple syrup in the bottom of your mug. Add ice, then vodka and a squeeze of lime. I like to use a hand juicer to squeeze half a lime into my strawberry mint Moscow mules. Fill to the brim with ginger beer and toss back and forth in a shaker for a well mixed drink. If you prefer a less sweet drink, you can substitute part or all of the ginger beer for club soda. This is a great option for those limiting their sugar intake as well. Garnish with a lime and a paper straw. Thick straws are great for drinks with fresh herbs so you have a better chance of getting the drink through the straw! 


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