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Our Cusco collection is handmade from high-quality, 100% recycled copper in workshops in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, and Austin, TX. Copperworking has been in the Santa Clara del Cobre area for over 1000 years in Pre-Columbian Mexico and continues to this day. Generations have learned copperworking traditions passed down by hand.

Ancient communities have long used copper for its health benefits. The practice of Ayurveda surrounds the principles of storing water in and drinking from copper water vessels for the benefit of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Copper drinkware and kitchenware make an excellent choice to help put a stop to unhealthy microbes in our home environments.


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  • Copper Water Pitcher with Stainless Steel Handle
    Copper Water Pitcher with Stainless Steel Handle - Vesper & Vine
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