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About Us

Vesper & Vine was founded for the love of weekends. For the love of perfect evenings with friends and for nights spent barhopping just ahead of a handsome stranger. It's for the Sunday mornings when your friends wake up at your house and you have the ingredients for a perfect bloody and pancakes. It's for the second cup of coffee and conversation with your mother. It's dancing at weddings and diving off boats. 


About the Founder

I've bartended, barfly-ed, partied and patio-ed. I've worn a lot of hats, but they've all been party hats. An eternal optimist (glass is always half full, I mean preferably) I have a strange love for tax law and perfect grammar. Get me a martini and I'll tell you all about it. One of my best memories is cruising the Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey on a double decker boat with my good friends, sipping wine and jumping into the prettiest blue waters I've ever seen and living without a care.

I want that everyday. Here at Vesper & Vine, we don't think you should have to compromise on the life you love. We are here for the celebrations, the toasts, and the best memories made.

Welcome, I'll get you a drink.