Super Hostess Ideas for a Super Bowl Party!

Super Hostess Ideas for a Super Bowl Party

Have you found yourself in need of hostess ideas for a Super Bowl Party? We've got you covered.

First and foremost, I want everyone to know the Patriots are the worst.

Now that I've gotten that off of my chest, we are free to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday for all the food and fun and maybe football. My dear, sweet, darling husband is a Patriots fan and truly it's one of his only flaws. I don't really have a team I root for, but I consistently root for whoever is playing against the Patriots. I can't stand them. And Tom Brady has the worst haircuts.  So, here's hoping that anyone besides the Patriots wins the Super Bowl and that we all enjoy ourselves on the big Sunday!

The Golden Rule of Parties: Serve Good Food

Finger foods are the name of the game and the single thing that will be most remembered from your party.  If you're feeling feisty, pick a few of these football-themed appetizers to share. If you're feeling busy enough just getting your house ready for the game, announce that you are hosting a potluck, and pick up some wings from your local sports bar for your contribution. A calm and relaxed hostess is so much more fun than a stressed-out one. Be easy on yourself and realistic about what you can accomplish.


Football-Shaped Zucchini Fritters

Super Hostess Ideas for a Super Bowl Party!


How freaking adorable are these football-shaped zucchini fritters!?! I love them! They are super tasty too and offer a meat-free option for the veggie lovers in your life. These are a great make-ahead item with an option to reheat just before guests arrive. The laces are made with just a touch of greek yogurt or sour cream.

Get the full recipe at Hungry Happenings.


Super Hostess Ideas for A Super Bowl Party | Vesper & Vine | Celebrations and Cocktail Hour Essentials

Hands down the best pigs-in-a-blanket that I've ever had right here. I whipped these up for the very first Super Bowl I ever spent with my husband and they were an absolute hit. I've made them for several more football parties and they are a breeze to make and always a crowd-pleaser.

Get the full recipe on Martha Stewart's website, Martha Stewart's website.

Ham & Cheese Rollups

Super Hostess Ideas for a Super Bowl Party

Just look at these incredible Ham & Cheese Rollups! Buttery crescent rolls pastries wrapped around smoked ham and Swiss cheese, drizzled with mustard and poppyseed glaze. These are over-the-top goodness and absolutely delicious. This is savory goodness at its finest. Don't miss out on these!

Get the full recipe from High Heels and Grills.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Footballs

Super Hostess Ideas for a Super Bowl Party | Vesper & Vine | Celebrations & Cocktail Hour Essentials

My girl Lindsay at Life, Love and Sugar whipped up these adorable AF chocolate chip cookie dough footballs and I cannot get enough of them! They're eggless so you don't need to worry about feeling rotten later. Freakin' YUM!

Get the full recipe and tutorial from Life, Love, and Sugar.


Cold beer will make most of the crowd happy. Consider adding a second drink, such as margaritas or Moscow mules, that can be made in bulk and ahead of time. This frees up your time as the hostess to mingle and watch the big game! I highly encourage you to set out a water pitcher and cups to encourage party-goers to stay hydrated

Stawberry Mint Moscow Mules

Strawberry Mint Moscow Mules are a great drink that can be prepped ahead of time and made into a drink station so your guests can help themselves. 


The star of the show is your flatscreen tv, so you want to be sure everyone has a comfortable seat nearby. Time to get creative. Get a tentative guest count and pull chairs from other places in your home. Bean bags, camping chairs, dining room chairs, and office chairs are all better than not enough chairs. I've never been to a party where guests made a big deal about what they had to sit on.


If you're feeling extra AF, check out this Game Day Mason Jar tutorial from Mason Jar Crafts Love. These adorable mason jar utensil holders work well for all football season, and some of them could work well for other sports parties as well. Choose your favorites based on your own year-round sports viewing schedule and keep them for future parties!

Super Hostess Ideas for a Super Bowl Party! | Vesper & Vine | Celebrations and Cocktail Hour Essentials



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