7 Reasons to Love Our Copper Drinkware

For over 8,000 years copper has been used in kitchens for healing and rejuvenating purpose. Today we know more about how this metal helps to defend and protect us from illness and infection. Read more to see 7 reasons to love our copper drinkware.

The practice of Ayurveda surrounds the principles of storing water in and drinking from copper water vessels for the benefit of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Ayurvedic Healing Properties

The practice of Ayurveda surrounds the principles of storing water in and drinking from copper water vessels for the benefit of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The EU Copper Alliance says, “The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Aztecs used copper compounds for the treatment of disease. Hippocrates treated open wounds an skin irritations with copper. The Romans cataloged numerous medicinal uses for copper in treating disease, and the Aztecs used it to treat sore throats. In Persia and India, copper was applied for boils, eye infections, and venereal ulcers.”

Copper is an essential mineral. This status probably helped contribute to its historical recognition as an essential healing element.

According to the EU Copper Alliance, “We need copper for blood vessel formation, a healthy heart, and for stabilizing the collagen that binds one part of the body to another. Copper is also needed for brain development, and for effective communication between nerve cells in the brain, as well as for healthy bones and teeth.”

Antimicrobial Properties

An added bonus, especially in the days of COVID-19, is the antimicrobial properties of copper, including antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

Quoted from the American Society of Microbiology, “Bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are rapidly killed on metallic copper surfaces, and the term “contact killing” has been coined for this process. While the phenomenon was already known in ancient times, it is currently receiving renewed attention.”

Copper drinkware and kitchenware make an excellent choice to help put a stop to unhealthy microbes in our home environments

7 Reasons to Love Our Copper Drinkware

Crafted by Artisans

Our copper comes from workshops in Austin, Texas and Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. Copperworking has been in this area for over 1000 years in Pre-Columbian Mexico and continues to this day. Generations have learned copperworking traditions passed down by hand.


7 Reasons to Love our Copper Drinkware

Made from 100% Recycled Copper

The workshops from where we source our products use 100% recycled copper in everything they produce which means every shot cup, mug, and jigger we sell has been made of recycled copper. We make eco-friendly choices easy for you!

It’s estimated that at least 65% of all copper that has ever been mined is still in use, or available for use. Copper has a unique ability to be recycled over and over without any loss in performance which makes it an extremely sustainable choice. If you’re looking for other easy sustainable swaps, check out our article on 10 Ways to Green Up Your Kitchen.

7 Reasons to Love our Copper Drinkware

Tasty AF Drinks

Let’s be real. There’s nothing better than the first sip of Moscow Mule out of a frosty cold copper mug. Copper is highly conductive and keeps cold drinks chilled and hot drinks piping hot! Our handmade copper mules make an excellent addition to any summer gathering or cozy winter evening.

During the summer months keep your copper mule mugs and shot cups chilled in the freezer for frosty refreshments. Serve your guests warm drinks from our copper mule mugs on chilly winter evenings for a cozy experience.

Let’s be real. It’s STUNNING.

Shiny copper is gorgeous. Patina copper is gorgeous. Any way you use it, it’s gorgeous. Our copper products make a great hostess gift, Christmas gift, or gift for the person who already has everything.

There are many factors that affect the natural patina that develops on copper, including temperature, humidity, sources of heat and even geographic region. The colors that develop due to these factors can vary from rich browns and pinks to greens and turquoise blue.


7 Reasons to Love our Copper Drinkware

Copper drinkware will last for generations

Next on our list of reasons to love our copper drinkware is that copper is durable and does not deteriorate or corrode over time. In its 10,00 years of existence, copper has proven to be more durable than steel. Egyptians used the same hieroglyphic to denote copper as they did eternal life. Copper tubes, piping, and other constructions are still being found from ancient time periods because of their inherent durability. The Statue of Liberty is a prime example of copper’s durable nature.

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