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Strawberry Mint Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules are a quintessential summer drink, sweet, spicy, and deliciously refreshing. Moscow mules are already refreshing with their zingy ginger beer and fresh lime juice, but the addition of the strawberries and mint takes refreshment to a whole new level! Take any iteration of the Moscow Mule and serve it a copper mug and you have summertime magic!

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6 Tips for Babes who Host Brunch

Ever go into a pancake making frenzy and end up with a disaster of a kitchen with batter on the floor? Me too. Every time. Brunch with the girls can be the highlight of your week, and it's natural to want to move the party to your abode to show off your home style and hostess skills. However, homecooked meals often get away from us. Here are 6 tips to make your next hosted brunch your most relaxing and fun one yet! 

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